Cuba Ballet Dancers

The Cuba Ballet Dancers. Some images I made a few years ago at the Olympia thater in Paris. I never processed these images in Black & White and going through my archive files, it was good to give it a try. In my opinion they look a lot better in monochrome. I...

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John Lennon Wall / Prague

"Lennonism" In 1988, the wall was a source of irritation for the communist regime of Gustáv Husák. Young Czechs would write grievances on the wall and in a report of the time this led to a clash between hundreds of students and security police on the...

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The Stone Village

Vézénobres is a very old village located about 30 kilometers from Nîmes in the south of France. It is made with centuries old stones and looks like a fortress when you see it from the road.. A fantastic location for photographers.

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The Paleontology Museum / Paris.

The Paleontology museum is an amazing place. Not only you find some amazing skeletons including a giant whale and Dinausaurs, you find some organ samples of these prehistoric giants. A truly fantastic visit.

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VIews from Saint Malo

Saint Malo is a great architectural city with a superb sea front. It is a city designed by Vauban and the fort structure was made to give the best possible protection againt the British incaders.

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Mauritius 25 years ago.

25 years ago, I went to Mauritius to shoot a swim-suit catalog. Kind of a dream assignment as we were staying at the Club Med, quite a beautiful accomdation and location for this type of photography. We did that for 12 days without going out in the island. Butwhen the...

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A walk around Le Mont Saint Michel.

The Mont Saint Michel in Normandy is really a fantastic place and climbing to the top is quite a hard way with hundreds of stair steps. But walking around at low tide can be difficult sometime with soft sand that pulls you from under. That's where I lost one shoe...

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A visit to Saint Malo and the Mont Saint Michel.

A few days ago, I went for a short trip to Saint Malo and the Mont Saint Michel,  two places I wanted to visit for quite some time now. It was a great idea as we had a beautiful weather. The only thing that was not so good image wise, was that the tide coeficient was...

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