Water games

The garden of Versailles is full of these spectacular fountains. For this photographic project, I wanted to work and create high contrast images in wich water will be the only focus point. All the magic happened in Lightroom and Photoshop to create these water...

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Commercial or Street Art?

Commercial Or Street Art We are commonly confronted to graffitis or ugly tags when walking in the streets of any city. But a few years ago, some huge brands decided to take advantage of this phenomenon to attract more and younger customers. Van's made last year a...

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Where Am I Going?

Paris La Defense The Luxembourg Garden and a lot of other subjects Near the Trocadero The Trocadero statue on a foggy day Paris La Defense Extrapolation on a spatial architecture. Textures and Painting effects Te old tree from the Luxembourd The Long Exposure project...

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Paris La Defense. Full crazyness

Paris La Defense is a fantastic location for great architecture images. It offers thousands of opportunities for wide angle multi-leveled shots, great reflectios and all kind of original compositions. For the first imaeg, I wanted to show the different layers of this...

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Paris La Defense.

A view from Paris La Defense. An image made during the great Paris Photography workshop we ran with +Charles Lupica A great experience with entrances to some normally prohibited places. But this was only for cool...

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A view from the Pont-Neuf.

The Pont-Neuf depite his name, is one of the oldest bridges in Paris.It offers a very interesting view, Notre Dame on one side, and all the way to the Eiffel Tower on the other side. With the angle I have choosen, you don't normally see the boats under, but when the...

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Paris Flooded

End of May, the Seine reached an incredible level in and around Paris. The banks were fully flooded and there was so little room under the bridges that all boat traffic had to be stopped. I had the luck to run my first Long Exposure photography workshop with my friend...

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Mauritius Street Portraits.

Mauritius Street Portraits. People in Mauritius love photography and they love being photographed. When they see a camera, they just look at you with a big smile. Even if they sometime are shy, thay are pleased when you show them the image....

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