Texture Work (How To)


When I started to work with this image, I wanted to have a very soft look. The farm here is a very old one with an amazingdecayed wall and great structure. But we had this texture assignment and I thought it could be anice candidate for it.

Step 1.

First I made the basic editing in Lightromm including the basic black and white conversionand sent it to Photoshop for texture blending.


To insert the texture, I used the Adobe Paper Textures Pro available on the Photoshop Exchange web site. It is a free extension that includes some great textures and does the basic of texture blending, creating a layer with a layer mask and applies a blend mode you can choose.
The fist texture is a blue texture for wich I choosed the Screen blending mode. It allowed me to put the texture only on the shadows and not touch the frame of the image.

Step 3.

I applied a second texture with a grungier feel and a lot of red, yellow and orange tones. In my opinion, they allow the wider range of grey tones when converted to black & white. Here I used the classic overlay blending mode. I liked the result and decided to keep it, only adding a layer mask to protect the white frame.

Step 4.

I sent the image to Silver efex Pro 2 for the second black and white treatment.. I didn’t do much here except adjusting the contrast sliders to get the correct amount for me, and saved it to go back to photoshop.

You can see screenshots of all the steps below.

I really hope you liked it, and please feel free to leave any comments or critics.

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