Texture Work. (How To Part 2).

More and more tools are available today to work with textures. Some like OnOne Perfect Photo Suite ç let you work the same way Photoshop does by adding texture layers and effects, some like Alien Skin’s Exposure 7 brings you amazing presets and tools to work like a texturizer and customize the results.
In this tutorial I will use a combination of both to get the image above.

Step 1.

I made the basic adjustments in Lightroom 5 to get the correct values of highlights, shadows, black and white points before sending the image to photoshop.

Step 2.

Iapplied one of the great presets in Alien Skin’s Exposure 7. Some of my favorites are the Color Polaroid presets. They provide really nice contrasts and textures, and you can really customize it to suits your needs. The one I used here is the SX-70 polaroid preset. It adds very nice warm tones and a great contrast.

Step 3.

I sent the image to Silver efex pro 2 to adjust the contrast and structure of the image. It appears in color on the screen shot because I used the luminosity blend mode for the layer. This blend mode lets you apply only the contrast, luminosity and structure values while retaining all the color information.

Step 4

I sent the image to OnOne Perfect effects 9 to add a texture blend it and mask the zone, here the flower, where I do not want it to be applied.I used one ot the Photomorphis presets you have to buy separatly. They are not too expensive and are set as combos you can modifiy to suit your needs.

Step 5

I sent back the image to silver efex to do the real Black & White conversion and the final toning of the image.

Step 6.

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